Beautiful Bungalows!

Attention Charlotteans! Buying a bungalow will pay off in the long run. There are TONS of benefits to investing in this style home. Not only is the bungalow a traditionally-American home, a curb appeal classic, and a good use of space… the floorplan of the Bungalow allows room for your family to grow and for you to add on to your home without changing the overall layout!

PLUS, according to architectural experts on bungalows: “The greater cost of interior space is more than balanced by the far bigger gardens most bungalows come with. If you like your outside space, then a bungalow will very rarely disappoint.”

And, as we mentioned earlier, with so much external space, the bungalow style allows you and your familytoconstruct a fairlylarge extension without effecting your green space gardens too much. Bungalows are also an ideal space for upfit or conversion.

AND the best part? There are scores of beautiful bungalows on the market in Charlotte just waiting for you to happen upon them!

Good luck in your home-buying search!

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